Whether you are having breakfast alone, eating lunch with the whole family or enjoying dinner for two, a little flower in the pretty silicone vase Blob will make for an even better atmosphere. You don’t always need a large bouquet of flowers to bring colour and freshness to your dining table. One or two individual flowers are perfectly sufficient.

Because the silicone vase is available in a variety of different colours, it matches any interior and can be used for a vast range of different occasions. The drop-shaped design by the Dutch manufacturer is also a functional yet stylish kitchen accessory.

A wonderful silicone vase from the Netherlands

The flower vase with the drop-shaped design stems from the traditional cutlery manufacturer BV Koninklijke Van Kempen & Begeer in the Netherlands. The company was founded in 1789 and has developed continuously over the years, adding new product groups to its original range of kitchen accessories. As a contemporary kitchen item, the functional yet stylish silicone vase Blob from Royal VKB won the sought-after Red Dot Design Award in 2012.

Functional and indestructible, the little designer vase made from silicone can even survive a fall from the dining table. Being dishwasher safe, the modern synthetic vase is also easy to clean.

Space everywhere for single flowers

The manufacturer Royal VKB consciously chose a small, modern vase that accommodates no more than one or two single flowers. This makes it an ideal accessory for decorating the kitchen table. But even on a small dining room table, the trendy vase is enough to decorate the space.

If you don’t want to limit the single flower vase to beautifying your own four walls, Blob Silicone is also a perfect gift. Instead of a full bouquet of flowers, choose a single flower. Buy the silicone Blob in a colour that matches the flower and you will have a perfect little gift.

A colourfully set dining table

The small, trendy vase made from a low-maintenance synthetic material is available for purchase in the four fresh and fashionable colours white, anthracite, jade and fuchsia. If you own several versions of the product, you can select the colour to match the blossom each time. Blob from Royal VKB means that not only the flowers but also the container will add colour to the daily grind.

Product features

Material: silicone
Colours: white, anthracite, jade, fuchsia
Dimensions: 17.8 cm x 16.6 cm x 4.9 cm
Weight: 118 g
Height: 12.5 cm


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