Launched on July 1, 2016, amba Taipei Songshan is a design-led hotel located in eastern Taipei, catering to today’s savvy urban travelers.

Authentic Taiwanese craftsmanship is showcased throughout amba Taipei Songshan’s streamlined design. Casting a magical glow is a signature collection of 24 giant eco-bamboo lanterns standing up to three meters high. Traditional, eco-friendly bamboo materials were combined with contemporary designs to create a unique visual experience for guests the moment they step into the hotel on level one, and throughout the seven-meter high lobby, Que woodfired grill, and Que bar on level 17.

Each lantern was custom crafted for the hotel by a team of artisans in central Taiwan from eco bamboo. The lights feature 17 different hand-woven designs that dapple the space with unique patterns. Weaving methods include such patterns as bull’s eye, herringbone, hexagonal, and octagonal.

The largest lanterns, measuring three meters high, each taking six artists two weeks to create. Several sections also had to be woven onsite during the complex installation process.

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