Early and accurate detection of fire incidents in buildings is crucial to public safety and corporate asset protection. Xtralis is the market leader in Aspirated Smoke Detection with it’s VESDA range. Now with VESDA-E they present the next generation of ASD.
The new, ultra sensitive detection technology is 15 times more accurate than the current unit and can detect smoke, dust and even diesel fumes.
When coupled with Xtralis’ SmokeTrace remote visual verification system, VESDA-E provides faster detection of incidents with no false alarms. Reduced reaction times help limit asset damage and improve safe site evacuation. Saving money and lives.
With contemporary styling and clever design for manufacture, VESDA-E has increased functionality whilst reducing costs and incorporating model flexibility. The extruded aluminium housing can not only be easily re-configured for different models, but sets a bold new brand image for future products in the family.
Behind the beautiful facade there is cutting edge technology. Reduced energy consumption, increased connectivity for remote monitoring, add-on StaX modules & an intuitive touchscreen interface will ensure VESDA-E remains a global leader.

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