Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, technology leader in it’s class, has an extremely diverse range of products spanning coordinate measuring machines, sensors, software, technical services and comprehensive service concepts. Setting standards not only with it‘s measuring instruments, Zeiss also sets the pace with it‘s range of sensors, meeting the rising expectations of quality and flexibility in an exemplary manner in the class Premium measuring performance and Top productivity.
To equal these standards in aesthetic values defining attractiveness, perceived value, production safety and price the new design strategy was developed. Semantic implementation of brand values and function form the core of the design statement.
The sensor’s clear geometric layout coupled with precise, finely engraved fluting, leads the eye to the final measurement point – the stylus, forms the highlight of this precise formal language.
VAST probes are used for high-precision tactile measurement of a diverse range of components. The measurement is intended to represent the quality of the components in terms of dimensional precision within the sub- µm range, dimensional accuracy and surface quality assurance.

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