The new STP Futura line of Tool Presetting & Mesuring Systems, is the expression of our 50 years of innovative technology.

Based on key construction concepts which have always been copied but never equalled, the new Futura line introduces new levels of ergonomics, ease of use and precision in the Tool Presetting and Measuring World.

The modular design and vast number of configurations available, offer the right solution for every measuring need guaranteeing at the same time full upgreadability in the future as your company’s needs grow

As a manufacturer, it is our constant aim to push the boundaries of tool presetting & measurement.
Ergonomics is sometimes used just as a marketing slogan. The challenges we faced in this department encompassed aspects such as safety, ease of use and design.
The new STP Futura definitely sets a new bar becoming the benchmark also in the ergonomics department. While maintaining the unsurpassed open spindle design and introducing a completely new and redesigned cockpit solution Futura allows each operator to fully customize his and hers working position

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