Conventional handheld scanners are made of plastic and do not last long in the production conditions of the industry. Life expectancies of only 6 – 12 months are not uncommon.
The main costs are not even the spare parts costs for new handheld scanners, but the downtime caused by the failure of the ID device.
“How much does it cost you 15 minutes of line stoppage because a handheld scanner has failed?”

Our ID Phasers are standard made of aircraft aluminum and are milled from solid material. This means that they can withstand even the toughest production conditions.
Due to an extraordinary ergonomic design we were able to reduce the weight to only 286g. It is thus considerably lighter than many plastic DPM readers.

The ID phaser is multiergonomic. Thanks to its innovative design, the scanner makes completely new work ergonomics possible. It is not only balanced so that the centre of gravity of the device is completely centered, but also relieves the wrist by its shape alone. It can be guided like a conventional handheld scanner, or it can be hung upside down and covered with the whole hand. Triggering can be done with practically any finger.

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