GT-500U is an innovative upright handheld data collector. The user can hold it in their hand to scan stationary targets and can also easily fix it on a horizontal surface to scan moving objects (e.g. monitoring a production line). The device can perform UHF RFID scanning and video recording at the same time to save files for backup. Upright GT-500U occupies only half of the area of a traditional gun-type reader and can be steadily placed on a horizontal surface. It is space-saving, can be neatly stored away, and has good aesthetics. It is designed with customized docking bases for consumer cell phones and AMobile mobile devices to adapt to various applications. UHF applications can obtain remarkable economic benefits. For example, operation processes, such as inventory checks can be effectively shortened to obtain multiple data within a short period of time. Also, it can be used for long-range electrical inspections to increase personal safety, as well as mounted on a tripod, such that data of goods inside of packing boxes on a conveyor belt can be accessed without unpacking the boxes. Each item can also be verified prior to boxing to improve the quality of inventory management.

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