YOBY is a robot that serves human families. He has the ability to see, to hear, to speak, to touch and to move. Wherever you are, he will respond to your call immediately and come to assist you. YOBY uses binocular vision technology, and his distinctive face is created based on the two eyes. Unlike other tablet-like robots, YOBY’s head is rounded, the vivid facial features are distributed on the smooth curved surface. A screen is merged into the face, which allows YOBY to present both the application contents and the facial expressions. YOBY uses his whole body to communicate with people. We have established the framework and the physical laws of YOBY’s thought-world, and his thoughts (including graphics and texts) are presented to the real world through the interactive system we call the “Portal”. His feelings are revealed spontaneously by facial expressions and body languages. YOBY has its own life activities and action strategies, including hibernation, wake-up, standby, charging, upgrades, etc., and enable people to know his real-time state.

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