Solmaks® is the brand name for an automated solar panel cleaning / cooling system(robot) to optimize the production efficiency of solar PV system removing obstructions (any kind of dust, sand particles,traffic particles, snow,salt debris,leaves, etc.) immediately and safely on the surface of solar panels as well as cooling down the overheated panel surface during high heat in summer conveniently and safely. The Solmaks is permanently on an independent rail-track surrounding the PV panels and is powered by energy produce by the panels it cleans. The device would use water for optimal cleaning and cooling, but in environments where water resources are scarce, the device can run in waterless mode for cleaning only. Winter cleanings do not use water to avoid freezing and damaging the panels. When water is available, it can be sprinkled on the PV panels’ surface to reduce the surface temperature. the device can settings for water-use or waterless mode and cooling timing intervals can be adjusted in the electrical control panel by operator’s need. Generating Efficiency : 10% ~ 25% Increase Net Profit Margin : 20% ~ 75% Increase

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