The robot features compact structure, large working space, high joint speed, quick dynamic response, comparatively high repeated positioning precision and track tracing precision, powerful weight holding capability on wrist, bus structure, and convenient app extension.The product style is concise and decent, the body is deft and flexible, occupying a small area. The chassis is steady and the wrist is compact to be used in a large working range.The overall hollowed-out design ensures the strength of the product while reduces the weight of the product by 10%. The weight of only 1450 kg saves the production and transportation cost. The hollowed-out design of top components together with the triangle style break the tedious and cumbersome visual effects of traditional robots. The bottom part adopts the hollowed-out design as well, which greatly reduces the body weight and makes the body concise and smooth.The GR4180-3000A industrial robot is innovative by using a small volume of nitrogen filled pull rod instead of the original large air pump component of palletizing robots to assist its motion. This robot features small volume, light weight, and higher efficiency.

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