In partnership with an international client, Fellow Robots brings NAVII to Japan. NAVII is the first smart robot of its kind that brings retail into the digital world. Incorporating the latest advanced technologies, NAVII gives you more information about the products you are looking for, tells you where they are located, and even takes you there. It’s fully autonomous and smartly avoids obstacles as it’s navigating. You can talk to it, as it understands and speaks multiple languages. It also helps store employees accurately manage shelf inventory by providing them up-to-date stock information. For safety, the Emergency Stop button is easily accessed right below NAVII’s back screen, so that users can quickly hit the button in case of emergency. NAVII will be helping customers and store employees in an electronic chain store in Yokohama. Avoiding the Uncanny Valley effect, NAVII is designed to be approachable and friendly, and avoids looking too humanoid. It roams around the retail space, intelligently sensing approaching customers, greets them when they draw close. NAVII then leads customers to their desired items, as requested.

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