Mirobot is a build-it-yourself WiFi robotics kit that is designed to help children from age 7 and up learn about technology. It is a drawing robot that builds an understanding of mathematics, geometry and programming whilst drawing shapes. Unlike other educational robotics tools, children gain an understanding of how it works mechanically because the clear design lets them see what each part does. By being able to build their own robot, children gain confidence and are more engaged with using it to learn about technology. One of the main design requirements was to ensure that it is usable in a classroom setting. Because of this, the entire robot can be assembled with no tools and is controlled through a web browser, requiring no additional software. The design of the chassis means that each piece that is added holds in the previous piece, eliminating the need for fiddly screws. It has been designed for easy disassembly so that it can be used again in future classes. The chassis is entirely laser-cut from MDF panels and innovatively uses the MDF that it was cut from as the packaging to keep it safe in transit.

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