The KR AGILUS-2 is a compact 6-axis robot that is designed for maximum working speeds and impresses with its versatility, which enables new industrial applications.
Its small footprint and optional installation in floor, wall and ceiling position allow new automation concepts and make it a versatile precision artist in the smallest space. It is also ideally suited for use in clean rooms or in potentially explosive areas. It is also available in a water-proof design or in a hygienic design for the food industry or the medical sector.
In order to be able to integrate the robot into compact cell concepts to save space, the energy supply including compressed air lines has been fully integrated.

The design is characterized by the dynamic appearance of the robot.
It emphasizes the light-footedness, the spontaneous changes of direction and the self-understanding of the movements. Great care has been taken not to waste any material that could affect the agility of the machine. The body has been reduced to a minimum and trimmed to pure power.

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