The autonomously controlled vehicle KUKA KMP 600 is a mobile platform that supports flexible material handling and optimizes logistics management.
The KMP 600 picks up the required components on its own or returns processed parts to the warehouse.
This vehicle with its exact lifting mechanism moves contactless and automatically controlled under a load-carrying trolley with wheels.
This unit is then transported by the KMP 600 by means of a coordinating control from point A to point B.
The KMP 600 can turn on the spot and describes a circle with a diameter of just under 1 meter.
Infrared sensors and other safety systems ensure safe operation so that people are recognized in good time.
The design of the KMP 600 associates agility and has been specially tuned to cost-effectiveness and service-friendliness.
For the solid base with all its functional assemblies, a solid sheet metal welded construction was chosen, while the lightweight, yet solid plastic cover is placed on the body in a few easy steps.
The load capacity is 600 kg, its total length 970mm.

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