JINI the smart robot was born for smart life. Using Internet of Things technology JINI can control most of electronics of your home. With cloud server JINI mine the data and learn to more and more to be smart. JINI has various wireless communications which are LTE modem, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee. So he can do more works than smart phone and also work with it. JINI is pet-style robot but not look like any other animal such as dog, cat, or bear. It is totally new design and never seen before , so first product in the market. At front view it looks cute, and lovely pet. At side view it looks elegant and sophisticated styling like sports car or motorbike. At back view it looks futuristic spacecraft with awesome curve line and LED light effect. JINI move with two wheels and one castor. two joint in the head. And there is one more joint in the body. This joint express unique gesture like crouching and stretching. Combine these joints JINI express his character to people.

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