Designs that inspire us most exist beyond trend, span decades, and live on for generations. These objects have been thoughtfully considered and get better with age.

The Flyingwings Home robot designed by JU&KE design studio is the latest robot from Flyingwings. The robot will be provided in compliment to new high standing apartments, which will have a complex ecosystem of domotics controlled by the robot. The aesthetic of the home robot has been designed to blend elegantly into the house without taking too much space and attention. We wanted him to have an idle position where his role would be more one of a quality speaker, and an active mode where he would grow in size and move his head upwards, as if he was waking up. The big touch screen combined with smooth movements make the robot very flexible and adaptable to many situations. Material wise we wanted the robot to not look like a “robot” but more as a piece of the home’s furniture.

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