The aibo entertainment robot gives users a companion to connect with, raise, and love. Using Sony’s unique AI technologies for linking with the cloud, aibo keeps growing into a distinct personality by following its curiosities, making its own connections with people, and gaining experience with its environment. To craft a robot that could truly coexist with people, designers condensed the elements of the “puppy” identity and infused Sony’s classic functional beauty and unmistakably charming touches. Instead of simply replicating a puppy, aibo elevates the idea into a new realm. The robot includes 22 drive actuators that unlock realistic expressivity and enable dramatic advances in aibo’s physical capabilities. From tilting its head to twisting its haunches, moving its back heels to wiggling its ears and tail, aibo’s fine-tuned movements exude emotion—which also shines through in its distinctive barks and endearing eyes. Despite its complexity, aibo embodies a simple, organic look thanks to its fluid curves that stay smooth and connected in any position. Embracing the concept of “vitality,” the design fuses AI and mechatronics into a new story of human-robot companionship.

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