With fast increasingly demand of industrial material transport and the labor cost skyrocketing, the AGV intelligent transport robot offers a solution on automatically material handling within a factory, as well as among different farewells. The robot is equipped with auto navigational system for unmanned producing, and, due to its battery driving, the robot remains carbon zero-emission. Thanks to the independent R&D central dispatch system, it assures real-time monitoring, smart dispatching and custom route all over 24 hours. The excellent waterproofing and climbing performance increase adaptive capacity to difficult working condition, results in higher efficiency of factory manufacture transport. The robot is also equipped with warning light, chime, infrared sensors and crash barriers, as well, all the fragile parts have been hidden designed which assure safety of coordination with users and keep away from the lost components by accident. Furthermore, the back footboard and maintenance doors on the robot enhances a high degree of ergonomics and convenience.

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