Weipass (WPOS) is an innovative provider of electronic payment solutions from China. As the new generation POS device which designed base on Android smart OS and internet security architecture. WPOS support multi-modes of payment in a single POS devices. WPOS help business users in the face of a variety of means of payment and a variety of Internet order channel integration, improve operational efficiency, with integrated Multi-mode payment, self-designed Members management system, Coupon system and 3rd party App store, the business user can very easy to provide order management, payment management and various of discounts and preferential activities in a single POS devices. WPOS obtain China UnionPay Security and Application certification and international EMV certifications. With the concept of all-in-one have simple shape, lightweight and comfortable feel fit for all size of hand. Big touch screen with all function. Best angle for NFC detect and horizontal IC card ready for two hands use.

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