The T1 Elite is the first dual Android Operation Point-Of-Sales (POS) system with double-sided touch screens in the world.
Different to traditional POS’ square and dull appearance, T1 Elite finds the balance between young, dynamic and professional image, with its organically rounded form, orange-colored highlight on the base, and ultra thin screen.
T1 Elite is also a user-friendly device, it has a compact base with a built-in printer leaves more desk-top space for the cashier, a large and comfortable handle on the right side as paper roll charging access. All components are firmly secured on an aluminum chassis, which is also important for efficient heat dissipation. The user can just lift one corner of its screens to move the whole device. Its dual OS enhance the interaction between the cashier and the customer. The cashier can easily show the bill and invite the customer confirm by touching/sign on the screen at the customer’s side. It’s even possible to draw a lottery after payment as promotion.

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