SkyTender is the only existing mobile stand-alone beverage solution for the aviation and catering industry. No connection to electricity or water supply is necessary. It is an automated drink dispensing unit built into a full-size airline trolley, which reduces the need for expensive floor space. SkyTender is an environmentally friendly solution through elimination of waste from empty bottles, cans and crates. Hot, cold and carbonated beverages can be ordered with a touch of a button from the user-friendly touchscreens at either end of the trolley. SkyTender provides more than 10 beverage flavours and draws water from one of three interchangeable water tanks. Water will be supplied through highly sophisticated water filtration systems, which has been designed and constructed to guarantee consistent water quality. SkyTender units can be integrated into existing POS technology and its RFID Technology provides complete data transparency for consumption, big data analytics and the advantages of lean order management.

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