At Nedap we believe libraries will be the civil centers of society, bringing information and people together. We believe libraries will feel like a second home, where books and media are available effortlessly to everybody.

To help achieve this, Nedap introduces RFID technology for libraries. At the core of this RFID technology lies an RFID reader, which enables librarians and visitors to remotely scan books and other media. Our design team envisioned a beautiful reader that would shine in every library; a robust reader that withstands millions of users a year and an easy reader that can be used quickly and easily by anybody.

This has resulted in the Nedap MidRanger. The MidRanger is a 13.56MHz RFID reader for libraries with an ultra slim design. The MidRanger can be laid on top of a desk or mounted below one. The flowing stainless steel design allows users to easily slide books over the robust reader. The solid weight and rubber feet ensure the product does not move when the product is used. A combination of beautiful materials and a thin feel of the product make it a well thought-out solution that beautifully fits any library environment.

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