The MC18 is a next generation personal shopper solution used within supermarkets by the shopper. Featuring a full colour 4” display, its smartphone-like user interface & styling, shoppers are just as comfortable using the MC18 as they are with their own mobile phones. We achieved great ergonomics in the handle & provided a single key in a central position for comfortable scanning, enabling left or right handed use & still allowing access to the display for single handed on-screen operations.

Through research we learned that customers desired the ability to house more devices whilst consuming less floor space within stores. As a result of these findings, a key requirement was to design a new cradle system that would increase the density of the devices without reducing the user’s access to the device but still maintaining a beautiful appearance when a large array of devices is setup in-store.

The final cradle system design exceeded the required space saving & supports two device orientations in wall mount & a desk mount option. All this was achieved with an elegantly designed, modular cup that can be rotated by an installer during the installation of the cradles.

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