»inspiration« is a sales display for the presentation of sun-shade products like Venetian blinds, pleated blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, etc. in retail areas at specialist shops. It has been developed for the sun-shade brand Teba® in order to promote retail at the point of sale by serving as a link between the manufacturer, the special retailer and the end user. The task of »inspiration« lies in the interplay between furniture and interior design, which acts to perfectly display the integrated sun-shade products from Teba® and at the same time aesthetically enhance the surrounding retail space. The sun-shade presentation can take place on both sides, making »inspiration« a standalone unit with the capacity to function as a room divider. Aside from its design diversity in “large rooms”, the installation methods are demonstrated at an integrated window. It’s there that retailers can shine with their technical expertise. They can provide style advice in the display’s discussion space, where important material samples are stored.

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