The IMPREX® PRIME is an all-in-one POS system that combines a computing terminal, a large touch display and a receipt printer into one unit. Unlike small all-in-one POS systems with limited functions, the IMPREX® PRIME, as a traditional fixed POS system, merges three functional elements in a compact yet stylish machine. Customers do not have to decide what to have around it and worry about a tight space at the checkout area just by adopting the IMPREX® PRIME. Innovative and elegant look of the IMPREX® PRIME with streamlining arch-type stand can enhance store image. The big graphic user interface on the 15″ touch display enables users to minimize errors and operate it faster in a hectic store environment. The slot of the receipt printer, located at the front and lower part of the IMPREX® PRIME, makes it quick for users to take the receipt and hand it over to store customers. The IMPREX® PRIME is designed for repetitive and constant use in the 24/7 operating environments. The exterior case of ABS plastic and toughened glass of the touch display are resistant to shock and heat, while the interior of aluminum dye-casting can protect the key components inside.

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