The DS8100 series scanner is designed for retail and light warehouse environments and comes corded or cordless. The ergonomically designed handle allows for a secure grip whilst the 1 finger trigger reduces aiming movement on a trigger pull. LED scan confirmation can be clearly seen from any angle. Devices come in black and white, complimenting any retail environment. Smart battery has at-a-glance battery level indication and is removable without tools for easy serviceability. A cordless healthcare device and HC specific cradles have also been developed with cleaning product resistant plastics and housings with no exposed screws and reduced crevices.
The standard cradle can sit on a desktop or be mounted to a wall or cart. The presentation cradle allows for fast and intuitive docking when used at POS and allows hands-free scanning when an item is placed in the imager’s field of view. The handle is left exposed for easy grip when docking and removal, whilst a secure fit is achieved for reliable charging. The cradle can also be fitted with a stand for pdf document capture. The image is automatically brightened and de-skewed as needed, all with one pull of the trigger.

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