Pallets are used to transport goods all over the world. Standardisation allows every user to speak the same language! Everyone understands pallet dimensions and parameters, like maximum load, and stacking/load height. This ensures global transport is easy and efficient. CHEP invented the1/4 pallet 20+ years ago. The secret to its success is that it’s not just a transport solution, but can display goods too. Manufacturers can use it to increase sales. Next time you’re in a supermarket look to the floor, and you’ll see promotions often start with a 1/4 pallet. – Long life lower energy intake during transport, 1/4 the size of a Euro pallet: flexibility in use, can be picked up using a forklift. New generation – more than just a pallet – Blue Click® system: unique system to connect cardboard displays, significant time savings during assembly and disassembly – New foot design: optimum stacking and high stability – Ergonomic handle, CO2-neutral manufacturing process, 15% reduction in CO2 emissions during use Small features, great effect: our pallet makes a significant contribution to our customers’ success – as both a sustainable transport solution and a sophisticated marketing tool.

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