There’s good coffee everywhere. But the perfect cup is personal. However you take your cup of joe, ‘perfect’ is exactly how you like it. And part of the barista’s craft is making that happen for every customer.

But quality doesn’t always come quickly—especially when you’re waiting for your cappuccino behind a long line of lattes and Americanos. Killer coffee draws a crowd. And that puts a gap between you and your caffeine.

Well, some of us grew tired of waiting. Briggo is a new breed of coffee company who believes quality should always be accessible. Our challenge was find a way to leverage technology to help people find their own perfect cup. Anytime. Anywhere.

A collaborative team effort led to the development and production of the Briggo Coffee Haus — a fully automated robotic barista that allows people to order and customize their drinks remotely via their laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

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