Design Concept:
“Xiao Le” possesses the idea of ‘Less is More’, attempting to eliminate unnecessary turning joints and maintain its well-rounded shape. Moreover, it reduces the chance of potential abrasion.

“Xiao Le” can respond to your needs in various of home scenario with your family. It’s the connection between parents and kids and the smart assistant to the daily needs. With its Skill Development Kits and various of skills, “Xiao Le” will give you surprise everyday.

We combined the latest A.I. and IoT technology to provide the user’s with a more natural and easy-to-use behavior. Xiao Le will help you to set up your most frequent smart home scenario mode and memorize it, and we connected the home appliance protocol to one of the biggest home appliance union, so people will have more flexibility with up to 1500 kind of products.

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