WhiteShark MAX uses an unique all-solid propulsion and a 9-axis motion balance system, that solves the difficulties of controling the closed-loop motor under at low speed and allows the machine to be fully maneuverable. Capable of tracking human sonar beacons and automatically tracking by vision algorithms. It uses a specialised material called Schulman PC+GF30. this material cuts down the risks of disturbing sensitive marine life such as sharks. WhiteShark MAX adopted a modular design allows the machine to dive up to 100 meters deep into the sea and inland rivers. It can safely help to carry underwater inspections and to clear polluted areas, salvage and rescue, dam monitoring. WhiteShark MAX also supports 2 million pixels HD video; the bottom of the cabin has a mount point to support additional underwater 3D cameras, sonar, underwater positioning, manipulator, water quality sensors and fiber optic extension.

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