The new plastic display pallet (KDP pallet) by WALTHER Faltsysteme combines the classic dimensions of a wooden display pallet with the innovative benefits of an intelligent plastic pallet.
The defined contours of the pallet deck ensure non-slip stacking e.g. of plastic containers and also secure stacks of empty pallets from one pallet to another.
The KDP is the only one of its type which can be used with double decks so that another loaded pallet can be transported resting on top of fruit or vegetable crates. Thus, the height of trucks and warehouses can be optimally used. Ergonomic handles as well as anti-slip trays support the KDP pallet’s safe transport. A significant weight advantage as well as its particularly good cleanability and hygiene are convincing compared to wood pallets. The KDP design is suitable for all common conveyor systems. Its patented repairability due to exchangeable runners ensures extraordinary durability. The use of recycling material optimises the eco-balance. The latest technologies like in-mould labels and RFID transponders contribute to the traceability and uniqueness of each WALTHER KDP pallet.

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