The USB 3 uEye XC is an industrial camera that gets out of line with its design. The appearance is unexpected: rather than cube-shaped, awkward and angular, this camera is slim, elegant and stylish. The lightweight aluminium housing with its dimensions of just 32 x 61 x 19 mm (w x h x d) makes it compact and robust despite its lightness. Thus, the camera is not only an art work of the product designer but one hundred percent suitable for industrial. The look of the USB 3 uEye XC follows its typical application fields such as kiosk systems (ATM), access control, logistics (barcode-reading) and traffic flow surveillance. For the industrial environment, the functions are just as innovative as the design: The USB 3 uEye XC is equipped with a pioneering camera module that combines the comfort of a digital camera with high-resolution, richly detailed images at high speed. Helpful features allow the auto operation of this versatile industrial camera. It’s compatible with Mac OS, Windows and Linux. For steady requirements in industrial automation these features can be deactivated and the models can be parameterized individually.

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