The UBS Multimat makes it possible to carry out banking business in UBS branches at any time of the day. For example, payments and account transfers can be made, standing orders can be entered and edited, and account and custody account details can be retrieved. It offers those who prefer not to use e-banking the opportunity to carry out their banking business independently, securely and at any time. A bonus for clients and another step in the UBS multichannel strategy. This new generation is equipped with a modern payment slip scanner, an NFC interface and a user-friendly touch screen. It also has an aesthetically integrated proximity sensor, offering excellent protection against unauthorized access to the banking sessions of previous clients. The new software interface design brings the e-banking brand experience into the UBS branch. The brand is conveyed visually with lots of white space, simple shapes, selective color highlights and generously proportioned illustrations. The result is an elegant interface, rounded off by the Frutiger sans serif font, enabling optimum legibility and ease of use.

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