Tibbo Project System is the automation platform targeting industrial, building, hotel, and home automation markets. To make the platform as flexible and economical as possible, all I/O functions were implemented as modules called Tibbits (“Tibbo Bits”). There are relay Tibbits, signal input Tibbits, analog-to-digital converter Tibbits, and so on.

Tibbits are installed on a processor board which carries only the bare essentials: a CPU, an Ethernet port, and a simple power supply. The rest of the device’s functionality is defined by what Tibbits are plugged in.

The board and Tibbits are assembled into an enclosure called Tibbo Project Box. Automation devices typically require unobstructed access to I/O connectors, so we incorporated them into the product’s design DNA: The top and bottom walls of the Project Box are formed by rows of “connector” Tibbits. Thus, a high level of flexibility is achieved without making the product look “handmade” or amateurish.

The front panel of the Project Box carries paper inserts for marking ports and wires. It is made of translucent plastic allowing you to observe the status LEDs of Tibbits. There is also a Box version with an LCD and keypad.

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