With exquisite appearance design, GoodWe D-HS series inverter is typically made for home solar systems. Compared with some inverters of famous domestic brands, this series adopts whole die-casting upper cover, which has excellent heat dissipation capability and can bring great convenience to installation.On the basis of ensuring safety for normal use, the maximum DC input power and capacity ratio of GoodWe D-HS series inverter has been effectively improved. With access to higher power photovoltaic modules, it can make home system connection well balanced. Users can easily operate through the button to view information and settings via LCD screen. IP65 dust-proof , water-proof and fanless low-design makes the maintenance easily.GoodWe D-HS series inverter is typically designed for the home solar systems. Inheriting all the excellent traits from the previous generation, the D-HS series is much smarter in size and weight. With maximum efficiency up to 97.8%, it can bring more benefits for users.

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