The TC20/25 is a rugged smartphone with integrated scanning capabilities for small businesses in retail and field mobility. These customers need more than a consumer smartphone but would not consider more expensive enterprise devices. The TC2x family was designed to meet this challenge leveraging enterprise design elements in a consumer-competitive device and price. Integrated contacts and side rails connect with accessories; increasing flexibility and maximising ROI while offering the lowest-cost base unit. The TC20/25 is an all-touch form factor while the TC20K device integrates a keypad for high numeric inputs.
A 1.2m drop protection, IP54 sealing, walkie-talkie functionality, accessory ecosystem, and ergonomic features enable the customer to excel in all environments while engaging with shoppers, ordering stock from the backroom or making deliveries.
Accessories include a snap-on gun handle for efficient ergonomics in scan-intensive processes and a snap-on battery that extends the power by double. Charging cradles have been designed to accommodate any device with and without attached accessories while the USB C connector allows for charging via cable.

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