A smart PV system, optimizing the power generation for each PV module and managing the generation of 3-5 KW with 98.2 % effectiveness. It also monitors home appliances to run at the most effective energy production times. The ultralight 13,2 kg, extremely compact IP65 sealed aluminum housing, serving with reliable&safe passive cooling, is designed in a clear, user-friendly, yet precise manner to match indoor and outdoor installation in a time efficient and user-friendly manner. Integrated in the mounting plate, a water bubble level guarantees easy leveling. Together with the innovative “Blind mounting hook system”, the fast cable connectors and APP assist the software setup in two simple steps; shortening the installation time to less than 15 minutes. Transforming this technical subject to a good user experience light movements appear like a sunrise on the display. This emotional and simplified interaction highlights self-sufficiency, supports the installation process and shows indications on a right amount. By also recalling elements of a sunrise the reduced graphical user interface (GUI) on a mobile device (App) communicates emotional as well as functional.

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