Static Synchronous Compensator technology is an important part of flexible and Flexible Alternative Current Transmission Systems technology and custom power technology,It is the latest technology in the field of reactive power compensation.
STATCOM power module  is parallel to the grid, equivalent to a controlled reactive power supply,its reactive current can be quickly followed by changes in the load reactive current.Automatic compensation grid system requires reactive power,dynamic reactive power compensation for power grid without work.
Some panels are made of sheet metal,replace the process of molding molds and reduced the cost of molds making.
The surface is spray-painted and the whole machine increases the anti-shock and waterproof function.Maximizing the form, function, cost, and landing of the machine.
Concise, whole, professional industrial design style increases the craft beauty of cold electric power industry.It embodies the sense of speed, strength and technology in the product,the application of material and surface treatment embodies the value of the product and the sense of equipment.

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