Manufactured with robust IP 65 aluminum housings, the new Safetinex Slim light curtains elegantly withstand the shocks and vibrations of production environments. Safetinex Slim devices offer excellent optoelectronic performance with a much smaller footprint (26 mm x 26 mm) than standard size light curtains. This perfectly square footprint enables mounting from 3 different sides while keeping the same space requirements and appearance. Moreover, the protective height of these devices is equal to their length (150 to 1600mm), eliminating any blind zone or loss of resolution, even when mounted in combination. Improved workplace ergonomics can therefore be combined with optimum operator protection. The innovative square-shaped lenses provide an operating distance of more than 10m while keeping the housing size as small as 26mm. Industry standard PNP configuration allows connection to the controller via an incredibly flexible 5-pin M12 cable connector. The integrated alignment LED provides easy installation and permanent autocontrol ensures reliable operation of the light curtain.

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