The igus® robolink® system stands for low-cost robots based on the modular principle. The associated robolink® Designer can be used to implement custom-fit solutions quickly and easily for the most varied applications. The electromechanical robotic arm RL-DQ with worm gear motor and the new igus® strain wave gear is integrated in the robolink® range as a new element. The newly developed 5th axis for the robot arm with its rotary axis with igus® stepper motor and an output drive plate with INI switch for zero point definition ensures further optimisation of the system. The robot arm is available in two options with maximum payloads of 1 kg and 3.5 kg. The axis distances and the articulated arm geometry can be modified by adapting the connecting parts. The extension by a slotted profile or the use as a subassembly with various pivoting and rotating movements ensures further customisation. By means of the new concept, in which the motor and joint are decoupled by a standard profile, the operating temperature is reduced and the payload is optimised by counter balancing.

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