The PowerCure Adhesive System was designed from scratch, combining outstanding adhesive performance with ease of use, simplified adhesive and mixer replacement and smallest waste volume of accelerated adhesives on the market.
From the very beginning we analyzed the working and handling procedures of users in the field. Every little step was questioned; every aspect of the system was tested together with users and constantly challenged. We aimed to make using PowerCure as simple as using a single component product; we believe it is. In many ways, it’s even simpler and faster.
The PowerCure adhesive system delivers the precision and performance of the high-end pump systems found on vehicle manufacturers’ production lines in a hand-held device. It combines high flexibility, ergonomic and easy handling, and minimal waste in a clear and focused design. The use of a single, brushless motor mechanically couples extrusion, dosing and dynamic mixing, and allows users to control extrusion speed on the go and without compromise. Providing the fastest curing adhesives at an unmatched level of comfort for the user, PowerCure is the total solution for smaller sealing and bonding applications.

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