PHARMASELF24 is an innovative automatic dispenser for allowing patients to collect their medicine easily and 24/7. Thanks to the cooperation with Synthesis Design, founded by the Italian Designer Carlo Gaino, a new front panel has been developed for joining patient’s comfort and convenience together with pharmacy’s needs of visibility and communication. The front panel has an impressive 24 in. touch screen where patients can get information about their medicines and operate. On the right of the screen the patient can find payment devices, prescription scanner and receipt printer. Immediately under those devices the patient can collect his medicines in a comfortable and secure drop-box. For making the machine visible and recognizable the machines has 4 back-lighted triangle in stainless steel on the 4 corners: on the triangle special cuts create a net of hexagons. The hexagon is the most common shape in chemistry so together with the back-lighted cross on the top the patients easily understand it’s the place where they can collect their medicines. The panel has a unique dynamism generated by the combination of different shapes, different materials and different lighting.

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