With urban cableways, a means of transport which formerly was used primarily to make mountain regions accessible conquers the city. The new PERFORMA-DT stranded rope from FATZER was developed especially for this application. The technology, which uses plastic profiles between the strands, is eliminating strand-related vibration in haulage and hoisting operations. These profiles fill the surrounding circular area nearly completely, separating the strands from one another and stabilizing them in position. As a result of its smooth surface structure, the rope runs practically without vibration and noiselessly across rollers and sheaves. And just as compelling is the rope’s greatly reduced settlement. The new PERFORMA-DT stranded rope was developed especially for heavy, detachable (DT) urban ropeways and is especially recommended for systems with high haulage capacities, as well as in situations in which vibration and noise would compromise the comfort and well-being of passengers, residents and passers-by. And to fulfill the customers needs regarding the corporate identity, the plastic profiles can be manufactured in any desired color.

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