ONE: The best way of paying for your parking space

With the introduction onto the market in May 2013 of the ONE, DESIGNA redefined the interaction of intuition, design and function in automatic pay stations for parking. For the first time we have a pay station responding to customer needs – and not the other way round.

Using interactively displayed icons, the energy-saving visual panel of the ONE guides the user without words and in self-explanatory fashion through the operating steps. It does this without barriers and in a user-friendly way in reading direction from left to right and from top to bottom.

At the same time the ergonomics of the fin connected to the side ensure that the user can pay securely and comfortably, be it in cash, by card or using a convenient app.

From the ticket printer to the identification of regular customers and the free choice of colour, every component is open for expansion and networking, and tailored to the wishes of our customers. Be it in the airport, hospital, hotel or shopping centre, the ONE is able to adapt to and enhance any environment as a result.

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