Mechanical OilCell oil & emulsion separators keep people and products free of oil and emulsion mist.
Its compact design allows it to fit on every machine tool.
Due to its modern and unintrusive design and a wide choice of colours the OilCell perfectly adapts to its environment.
The simple 2-button control panel controls all operating modes such as differential pressure , alarms and fan power.
The 2- stage power regulation optimizes the OilCell’s functioning and minimizes power consumption.
The open comfort service door serves as a service platform during the process of replacing used filter elements
Along the inner surface of the service door the running down oil is collected and poured back into to OilCell when closing.

• Easy to install on the machine tool
• Easy operation
• Compact, space-saving design
• Great design and client customization to fit your machine
• Wide array of accessories and options for individualization
• Reduced operating costs due to long service life of the filter elements

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