NetEngine9000 Series is HUAWEI’s new line of industrial routers which offer high density and scalability.
Following HUAWEI’s new equipment design language, the routers put an emphasis on expressing ‘performance’ and incorporating the brand’s signature red from a distance, while keeping a rational balance with soft ‘human’ details from up close.
Both routers communicate high performance and quality through the design and the finish of the frontal air intakes. The fins allow the most efficient air flow to cool down these two powerful beasts.
From the users’ perspective, we identified cable routing as being a major pain point.
The NetEngine9000 routers present a user-friendly cable management system made of flexible hooks. This simple but smart innovation allows the users to quickly snap the fiber lines in the cable management channels, making the operation faster and also safer.
We considerably reduced the use of material and saved up to 100 die-casted aluminum parts per router by replacing fixed ejectors and handles by removable and unified tools.

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