With ProGlove you can work and scan at the same time. Hands-free scanning and therefore a more ergonomic work is one of our core functions. Through the integration of currently discrete functionalities into the ProGlove, the worker saves time picking up and replacing formerly separate tools, omitting extra steps out of the process. ProGlove’s design consists of a core computing unit and a glove that adapts perfectly to the industry environment, replacing conventional barcode scanners.

Positioned on the user’s hand it offers maximum possible freedom of movement. A plug & play solution combines wearable technology and the “Internet of Things” to make manual work in manufacturing and logistics more efficient – no integrational effort required.

At ProGlove we believe no matter how automatized working steps will be, workers are a crucial part of the industrial process. Wearable technologies offer an enormous potential to integrate human and human based workflows into the overall production systems.In order for a product to find acceptance and adoption it is crucial to have a familiar formfactor – in the industry gloves are already a part of regular work equipment.

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