Levigato drive series for garage doors – it is a bright modern design, advanced technologies and reliability of operation.
The visual appearance of Levigato garage doors drive is distinguished by its conceptuality and freshness, the integrity of the composition, and the ergonomic design of the whole product. Detailed consideration of the components layout allow to combine innovative design and reliability of the drive.
In the housing of Levigato garage doors drive along the entire length of the closed contour of abutment of the lower and upper elements of the housing, there is a bright LED illumination providing bright lighting of the garage space. The manufacturer’s logo is also highlighted by a blue LED lamp.
In general, the drive for the garage doors of Levigato, while preserving the traditional design elements for this product group, thanks to their innovative implementation and mutual arrangement, not only ensures the fulfillment of all operational requirements for this type of products, but also creates an original modern and harmonious image that meets all the requirements of modern design and distinguishing it against all other products of this type and purpose.

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