This product features additional function of LED color lighting displaying discount information in black, white and red when indicating basic product information on existing E-paper,allowing consumers to easily recognize all necessary information while enabling sellers to use this system for various marketing purposes such as sales promotion, new product introduction and clearance sales. In addition, since LED light can be easily distinguished and recognized from a distance, this product can induce purchase desire of consumers. The LED colors can be displayed in green, blue, orange, and red, and can be used to substitute the conventional advertisements or sales labels that were attached on products. The LED blinking function allows consumers to easily find specific products in a store with their smartphone app by requesting LED indication. From a managerial point of view, this function can increase the work efficiency since employees can easily locate products for handling online orders or identify those requiring restocking on shelves. Moreover, the effective quality of lighting can be used to create a more bright and lively store atmosphere, providing a high-tech and futuristic

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