The KUKA smartPad II is a weight-reduced and anatomically shaped control panel for robot programming and control.
Its ergonomic design with no annoying edges offers a variety of holding options for a long, relieving and comfortable operation for both left-handed and right-handed users.
2 domes on the bottom offer another holding option and at the same time a desk-like storage option as a tabletop unit. Hand straps prevent the control panel from slipping. Hand straps prevent the control panel from slipping.
Its shockproof 2-component plastic housing with a circumferential, elastic bumper is designed for robust and universal industrial use and even passes the drop test from a height of 2 meters.
Its intuitive user interface is easy and quick to learn and operate even for inexperienced users.
In addition to 8 traversing keys, there is a 6D mouse for intuitive control of the robot in all axes
The scratch-resistant, anti-reflective 8.4 “touch display is floating mounted and thus shock-resistant.

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